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Originally posted by Dastardly
Personally Id be happy playing a VR version of Interceptor, which I think would be (relatively) affordable now, but as we know the mass market want bells n whistles more than substance so theres no point in releasing it yet.
You hit the nail on the head right here. The problem is that the market is too big. How's an artist supposed to be intimate with his audience in a stadium the size of a planet? All of the glory days we speak of are from eras when games were released for a cult portion of the population, so the intimacy was there. But now games are not made for individuals, but for (mere) masses. In order for gaming to go back to having substance again, it will have to be passionate people innovating for a smaller audience. All media is like this, really. And it's also why I feel 3D will not become retro, even though it will hoopla'd as such in 20 years. Not unlike disco...
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