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Originally posted by Akira
VR is poop. It was THE buzzword in the 90s, and it has been long forgotten. I don't see anyone wanting to invest more cash into VR.

I heard not too long ago that Sony were looking into some kind of affordable home VR system for PS2, and if anyone can make a success of something....well.

I believe it will come round again at some point. When it first came it out was the latest thing and there was mega hype over it.
Sadly the technology then couldnt deliver the promise of films like Lawnmower Man and it was ridiculously expensive.
This will all change IMO, just give it a little time.

Personally Id be happy playing a VR version of Interceptor, which I think would be (relatively) affordable now, but as we know the mass market want bells n whistles more than substance so theres no point in releasing it yet.

I think the result eventually will be truly immersive VR games/movies/internet and watching anything on a flat 2D screen will be considered retro.
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