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Yes and No

Yes, if you own the real thing and you are emulating it, no matter what is it taht you emulate. WTF are you doing there, sitting in front of teh PC, instead of hooking up the real thing? What? That you have zillions of r0mz0rz on the PC but one real game? Ok, then go buy some! And if you ahve an Amiga, even better, since you don't need to buy, you just transfer!

And No, because yu get to know many systems you never owned, or could never own, or never get access to. Learning its intrincacies, how they work and how to use the,. At least this is what I like to do, sitting with a new system one day, and starting to learn how to use its OS, etc, just like what I did with my computers. This is brilliant. And if I like the machine, I go and try to buy it. Of course if it is a console there's no OS to learn about, but there are games you may like and make you go buy one. This is mostly how my computer and consoles collection grew up, by buying stuff thaT I liked thru emulation. And since (I will copyright this) "Nothing beats the Real thingĀ©", if you liked crappy emulation, you gonna love the real thing

As for today's games, I ratehr avoid a huge rant about them. Today's games market (it used not to be such a market) is just full of same crap over and opver and very litttle originality, the emphasize of graphics and sound over gameplay, and shit like that. When you ask a kid on the street what game he likes, and why, you might want to hit his little bollocks, and throw his unconscious body to the lions at the zoo. At least I want to. And I will not say I automaticaly not try anything that is new just because, I do try new stuff, and it always leaves a bitter taste in my gaming mouth.

Ian, the idea of Wolfenstein was used even before it So it wasn't THAT new (mix Castle MAster with Operation Wolf. tada!) The last original (VERY original) concept I Can think of, is Lemmings. You don't see games like that anymore.

So playing these games on emulators lets me remember the good times of gaming and makes me think that one day, the software giants will get their acts together and bring back the golden age of innovation.
I agree that this will sadly not happen, unless we boycott them and we kill teh eyecandy-savvy kiddies on the street, sometihng that will end up in us all being convicted :laugh
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