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Well, actually I'd say none because I have a personal issue with blur used for artistic effect (and motion blur and depth of field etc... in video games).

However, I find the first one better because in the second one, the enemies lining up seems a bit weird.

What I liked in the arcade game was the craziness. If you have the opportunity, I'd suggest try to build something around:

- the exploded cars with a cadaver inside. I think it is level 3 (warehouses) and there are one or two cars that you can destroy, which then explode and you can see the driver cadaver still in position.

- The "desparation" move of Frank Castle and/or Nick Fury.
There is the normal one (done by pressing two buttons) which is a rotating low kick for the Punisher (so-so) and for Nick Fury he removes his belt and make it turn around his head like a psychopath

Even better is the desperation move triggered after grabbing an enemy. The Punisher then grab the enemy heels and spin himself, damaging any enemy around as would a tornado
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