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Originally Posted by ajk View Post
You can glue acrylic together in a clear fashion. Basically you need to make the parts fit together very well, then run a bead of solvent (usually MEK) down the gap.

Plenty of instructions around the net, here's [ Show youtube player ].

Of course you can't solvent weld acrylic directly on top of a metal case, but perhaps you could create some kind of rim or eyelets for the screws so they will not be very visble.
Thanks for the reply.

I see; so somehow I still need to screw on the case a frame, because the acrylic will not go directly on the metal.

I saw that video, and was wondering if there is another type of glue, that would allow me to glue all around the outer part of the acrylic sheet, leaving the majority of it unglued and transparent. Sadly that technique works only among other acrylic sheet, since it welds the material.

If it was a window, where the sheet goes inside, glue would not be an issue (I know that you can use aquarium epoxy to glue acrylic to metal successfully); but since the sheet goes on top of the case, can't use the same product sadly.

Screws are the last resort, since I am worried to crack the sheet, and put screw in the case that will be visible with the transparent top.

I guess that this is why you don't see anyone putting transparent acrylic on top of cases….either they go inside the case, or they weld among other acrylic sheet to make the case itself, or screwed in the metal to make a window.
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