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Thanks; followed it as inspiration.

Altho I have few questions:

1) I like the idea of acrylic/Plexiglas; but just to be used on the top of the case; can I glue it on the top of a painted case (either made in metal or wood, like the one in the link), or it would cloud if I use the glue? I want the surface to be transparent, so you can see the artwork that I will print on the case surface.

I was told that you can't do that, so you can only screw this material, if you want to keep it transparent.

2) If I mod one of the existing pc case, do I have to sand it down an buy special paint (like the one for the car), or any spray can would work? Never did case modding before.

I have seen some cases at my local store that are pretty small (they look like a CDTV case), and I am planning to get one of these and use it as base for the case.
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