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VR is poop. It was THE buzzword in the 90s, and it has been long forgotten. I don't see anyone wanting to invest more cash into VR.

This is the Hypercube 98 software. The program shows tumbling four-dimensional hypercubes,
WTF? HOW do you show a 4 dimensional cube, when we can only see 3 dimensions? This is absolutely wrong ;P

Anyway, bitmapped 3D might be already retro. We'll see about polygonalized 3D. I dunno what's next, I feel like there are no really big advances in the display area (perhaps there are when the next gen user interface is created ). Is there any other way to depict stuff? The world we live in is in 3D, so how do you make that obsolete?

I suppose the way in which 3D is depicted, is what will become 'retro'. But 3D as a whole cannot be deprecated!

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