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Originally Posted by lilalurl View Post
So, basically, you are saying that people who do longplays or claim to have finish many games on the Amiga are n00bs compared to those who did the same on Atari ST?
No, i am just saying some ST games are a bit more difficult than the Amiga versions... try some for yourself and see
Longplayers usually cheat with emulator save states.

I recently played Menace on my ST and i had no idea how to win against the first boss so i checked the Amiga longplay and it turned out the wider gameplay area made it easier... or should i say possible at all as i still can't figure out how to finish the boss in the ST version without picking up the sheild power up or such... it must be possible without that power up.. or?
On the other hand so does the Amiga version have more enemies in the levels (at least first level that i checked) because the wider gameplay area can show more enemies, this means Menace for the ST actually was a bit re-designed but unfortunatly not the boss design
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