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Originally posted by Mr Creosote
Following the same logic, we'd have to stop talking about almost every game released in the 90s, because why play Lucas Arts adventures with 32 colours for example when there are 256 colour - VGA versions? Why play The Settlers on the Amiga when the PC version has a higher resolution? I, too, can't see any 'beauty' in CGA games, but I am aware I didn't grow up with them. Others did, so this is the 'real' version of the specific game to them.
Not true...I am talking about something that is the lowest version on the totem pole when multiple versions exist of a given game. I am not saying to dismiss EVERY version of a given game except for the one version considered to be the best. I am saying, why create all the hoopla over the very WORST version(s) of games, simply because it is the PC? The very same question I was asking PC users back then... Their answer (back then): because the PC is better since it has so many more business apps and networking and mainframes, etc. that the Amiga (a mere games machine) doesn't have. Made no sense then, makes no sense now.

As for the retro quality, just because someone was there in the past doesn't make it a sweet memory. You don't see previously homeless people waxing about their old days in the cardboard boxes in alleyways. Sometimes shite is just shite.
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