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it's good, some of the colour optimisation is very nice although some colours are washed out - there is always a compromise! But this is still just re-inventing the wheel dude. We spent a long time optimising the first stage with the characters and palette. The first stage is now uniquely Amiga after all the work that has been put into it - and the background has been re-tiled twice!
I'd suggest this:
Try another stage, and see if you can get it looking nice using the current palette - if you change a few colours then great - as long as it remains cohesive with what we've got (interfering minimally with the current character graphics).
Try the end of the first stage where Damnd appears?
Keep experimenting and please refer back to the FFAGA graphics as a guide - look at the first stage again, it is much better than you realise! Bear in mind the image I sent is a construction made from the Amiga tiles, and fit onto a 320*256 bitmap.
This conversation may be better continued via email I think - will send PM.
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