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Thanks lordofchaos.

I am not familiar with video layers, but I know a bit about layers in painting programs (don't judge my graphic skills based only on the "It's ... guess the handdrawn...." threads in the competition section ). I guess the idea is the same.

It must be quite useful and make many operations easier.
For a long time I have been wanting to mess a bit with video editing. This will give me a good opportunity.

A tutorial would be welcome but I guess your priority should be to make more such videos

I have a question about the audio. In the video, you swap from one machine audio to the other.Is it related to the top layer?

In other words, you tell the software that for Time X to Time Y that the Amiga video is the top layer and (by default or based on an option) it mute all audio that is not from the top layer. Am I correct?

Originally Posted by mc6809e View Post
That's part of it. Also notice how much of the scrollable area is missing in the ST version. The large bar at the bottom means fewer lines to scroll. There's also a large black area at the top of the screen for the same reason.
Actually, I didn't pay attention the black area at the top (I guess I considered it was just a video size issue). But now checking the video again it is obvious when compared to the intro parts on which both Amiga and ST screen have the same size.
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