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Originally Posted by lilalurl View Post
lordofchaos, if you have time, I'd be interested to know how you make your videos. Besides recording two seperate gameplay videos. Especially which software you use to put two videos side by side with some text displayed below.
No problem lilalurl. After I've recorded the gameplay videos I import them into Sony Vegas Pro, from there I add the videos as separate layers. (Just incase your not familiar with Video layers, anything you have on the top layer will always take priority over the one beneath it, this way you can just keep overlaying effects/video/etc).

Once I have the layers prepared I manually scale the videos to size (I need to do this because of the way WinUAE and Saint output the video format).

After that I position the videos on both sides. The final couple of layers consist of the Text overlay at the bottom and the Gradient fill. For the video capture codec I use the TechSmith Capture Codec, it usually yields decent results but I`m sure there's better out there. I hope this helps with your question, I might upload a tutorial if I get the time.

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