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And I have established, that my country is shittier than all your countries joined together! And I won!

Anyway, back 'on topic', yes Ian, you got the shit for your Saturn. As I said, us poor westerners did not get to fulfill delect the sweetness of the games released in japan. Let me tell you, 2D wise, teh Saturn pees all over the PSX. But stupid western Segas decided that '3D is the shiznit, let's go do a PSX' with a machine that couldn't handle 3D as well as its competitor (though there are a few examples that show it oculd get quite close, but these were the least).

At the end of the day, teH Saturn was pulled from all western markets, but lived on until about 1999/2000 in Japan.

My statement about Sony releasing info wasnt clear enough. I tried to say that they easilly released info to developers, but sega were more hard arses. Just ike with the NeoGeo Pocket. Those bastards didnt even let known euro companies to have the info! But that was good, since quality assurance was of a high level. I preffer this than a company pulling a Nintendo and letting any kind of crap go out to the market (read: Gameboy Color)

System wars are stupid and childish, but I love getting invvolved in them...

PS2 SUX J00 SOX!!!!
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