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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Well, maybe this demo could be a good test case ...
Does anyone manage to read the scrolling text on his LCD using any of new Motion Blur reduction technology?!
Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
It is very easy to read in 100Hz + lightboost + black frame insertion mode. (It is less clear without black frame insertion)
Standard 60Hz is really blurry.
With my LightBoost display combined with black frame insertion mode, I can even see the pixel jaggies, in the moving text too.

And I can do even better, even at faster motion speeds:
I can even read the street name labels at 1920 pixels/sec:
TestUFO Panning Map Readability Test

In this panning map test,
60Hz display = 32 pixels of motion blurring in regular LCD mode. Street names unreadable.
120Hz display = 16 pixels of motion blurring in regular LCD mode. Street names unreadable.
LightBoost (Strobe brightness 10%) = ~2 pixels of motion blurring in strobe-backlight mode. I can read the map!

That's more than one full, complete, order of magnitude sharper motion clarity with LightBoost.
That's less motion blur than a Sony GDM-W900 CRT, since the strobe flash of LightBoost is shorter than that particular CRT's own phosphor trailoff/decay. See the "It's like a CRT" testimonials.

And G-SYNC's optional "LightBoost seqeuel" strobe mode will be even better than LightBoost!

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