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Originally Posted by RCK View Post
Can you try this ?

1 - Launch IE10 and go into DevTools (F12), switch en IE Browse Mode to IE9, and use the board a long time and tell me if it's Okay.
2 - In IE10 mode, reproduce one slow page loading and tell me how many time took to generate the page, it's written and the bottom of every page (Page generated in 0.18961 seconds with 15 queries)

IE9 same problem. I tried IE10, 9, 8, and they all seemed to be the same. I've noticed that it seems much worse then it used to be, I used to have a minute or two to navigate before hanging, this time it hangs very frequently. On all three IE's the timeout at the bottom of the page was always less then 0.3 seconds. One page in particular did 0.20571 with 14 queries.

This whole problem started when I switched to a new computer with W7 and IE10, my old computer used XP with IE8, so I assumed the problem was here. IE10 in IE8 mode does the same thing so I'm going to fire up my old computer and see if it works or not. I'll get back with the results.

Edit 1: I fired up my XP IE8 computer and it works perfectly. I wonder how good the IE8 mode on IE10 actually is. Maybe it's something to do with W7, I've been updating it during this whole problem. Also during all of this my ISP, broadband speed, and DSL modem, haven't changed, only the computer and OS. I even compared the settings between IE8 and IE10, especially the international ones. There was no difference with the international ones, there were a few differences with some of the other settings, but I don't know what they do.

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