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The most useful thing that could be done re. the graphics is the re-colouring of the stuff we haven't got to yet into the current palette or close. After that there's a lot of re-detailing to do which Turris' been having a damnd fine go at. If you haven't noticed that then I think we've been doing well! The reduction also means a loss of some of the frames. The means of discovering the limitations was to bung it all in the memory, have a cry and then methodically hack it to bits. I'm aiming for less than 80KB per character in the RAM. Some of the goons are far less.

If the palette could be improved and the gfx we've got already remain looking nice then that would also be great. But I don't want to mess up what's here already, if it's good enough there's no need to re-invent the wheel.
Once the gfx are re-coloured then Turri can fix them up after which I'll make maps of the blighters and bung them in - or you can if your willing to learn our laborious process.

What I'd really like to see are complete 32 and 64 colour palettes of the stages - and goons. A complete 32 colour palette with minimal changes, and documented changes would be amazing I'll experiment again with 64 colours but I'm still quite convinced that 32 is the way to go. It will always be faster.

The info re. reduction is earlier in this thread, page 6. Turrican3 has taken on a lot of that and worked with me over several months - there may be room to help there but I think you need to take stock of how we're doing it - some of the pixel work is fiddly and time consuming. We're using converted as opposed to direct rips, and have to inject a bit of character back into them. I think if you want to provide rips for the game and not academia, you should find out from Turrican3 what we've got. I'm sure it's still a lot of work.

Your rip of Damnd is the best I've seen, and the additions you've made are cool and complete. But the gfx themselves are the same as any rip. As such the hard work has been done there - and getting us to try something very different at this stage is going to be hard work as you can imagine, but I'm all for you trying.
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