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Akira, if you decide to go ahead with producing some tracks for this then that would be music to my ears. But don't sweat it too much on the arcade tracks, I'm all for showcasing some new stuff from a real musician. I want to say keep it around the 150Kb mark – but for you I'd do my best to stretch that, seriously.

One more word on the AI of this thing – I'm sorry to those of you that found it hard. Just imagine that this is the hardest, and weirdest it can get and that with some time it will be refined.
Making it hard was in some ways compensating for the unrefined AI and general ropeyness in places. Some of it is indeed a loose fit! I hope it's enough to get you learning a few moves for now. Huge thanks for all input and I'll crack on – I can see loads of room for improvement and I've got some inspiration - you can kind of get stuck (with your head up your own jacksie) mulling it over without that.
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