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@ dlrfsilver Thank you! I’ll have a check when I get home tonight – but I’m sure it will be helpful. Without being at the computer I can’t confirm what the actual sample rate is – but I think the lowest in Goldwave is 5500Hz – which based on your 11025 might mean that actually 5512 would convert better during the re-sampling – but I can’t remember if Goldwave has that setting. I think the total size for the samples is currently around 150Kb – uncompressed. There might be a few weird and unused samples in there though. I’m going to try using compression for the objects (known as ‘shapes’ in Blitz) files after coming across some new commands that were added later in the life of Blitz docs, which also includes commands for doing the same with sounds if I remember rightly.
It’s important now to allocate memory properly, only about 170-250Kb left in the tank, which I need to increase. Bank initialization worked to store the various images used, but I have to work out something similar for the re-loading of the various objects needed. I’ve come across some helpful tips in the old BUI mags, so fingers crossed. If I can do that then I should also be able to do the same thing with sounds, and have a nice tidy chunk in there for them.
I’m thinking that some of the sounds can be a lower frequency – the punching sfx etc. It’s mainly the voices that could do with an overhaul.

The music is too large for vanilla AGA which is the target, but it’s good to have it ripped and maybe sometime down the line it could be used – you never know.
But I think to get the best out of the Amiga tracked music is the way to go. It’s one of the things that makes the Amiga special.

I’d definitely want to use the engine for a new game if I don’t get fed up – but what I really intend is to make a conversion of Final Fight, with a bit of adaptation and largely just to get the best results possible. – I’ll still be looking at all the levels from Final Fight, whether bits are adapted here and there or not.
I think original tracked music would suit it best – it’s in keeping with making it an Amiga game, which is what I really want. I also think that the best way to go to really make the most of the Amiga version, we can’t reproduce CD version like the MD, and it will always be compared to that – . That said if someone comes up with some quality reproducing of the original tunes I wouldn’t waste them. There are a couple of really good ones. I wouldn’t go re-sampling the original instruments though – the mega-cd version was waay better without it.
The game uses 2 channels for sound, both intermittently cut out the music while they play – using channels 3+4. For me it’s most important not to interfere with the Drums or Bass, and I can switch to using different channels for the samples if it’s going to sound better ‘in the mix’.
Basically I just want there to be freedom to create some awesome Amiga tracks – and the same ethos for the rest of the game. If it can be bettered within the limits of what we’ve got then go for it.
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