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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Born (Demo) by Cult

A500 OCS/ECS ... on 0,5mb works fine (pic.1), but on 0,5mb+0,5mb some vertical line travels from left to right (pic.2)?! ... Does it happens same on a real Amiga?
Seems to be yet another KS 1.2 demo. Possibly uses ROM contents as random numbers to position green sprite objects. If sprite 7 is drawn down enough, it will start duplicating same graphics forever because DDFSTRT changes from $38 to $30 which steals sprite 7 DMA cycles..

New and Better Routines (Intro) by Cult

Broken (pic.3)?! (it seems to work fine in WinUAE2010 2009-12-23)
And this is yet another "MoreNewStuffy" (and Alpha and Omega) update problem, adjusted but it probably still isn't exactly right, needs more testing, someday..

(btw, Alpha and Omega / PMC didn't actually work in older versions, scroller had other kinds of issues..)
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