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There's not much ASM right now. Only the player walking/punching routines and updating the integers for the scrolling. I'd like to convert some of the other routines but that will have to wait until the whole thing is more solid. It's only simple stuff I'm doing like substituting the program control stuff. You can't be sure how tidy the ASM will be after compilation, so anything you can do will reduce the CPU load. I 've only really noticed a pronounced effect when converting the scrolling routine – it immediately became less prone to judder, so I was pleased with that.

Blitz is a lot more prone to crashing than AMOS and the manual is badly written, but let's you get a bit more into the Amiga without having to install extensions. I think the thing to realise here is that this game is not a technical powerhouse, it's just scaling things and compromising to try and keep an arcade feel within the limits – mostly of my coding!

Yeah, that and the slight 'head-banging' Haggar does when he walks. I could speed up the scrolling or slow down the animation. To begin with my plan was to speed up the scrolling, the only problem with that is what to do with Guy & Cody, who are supposed to be faster. The scrolling updates by 2px every 2vbl (I'm afraid I've not been able to work out the scrolling trick you mentioned before), increasing it to 3px will better match the animation speed but is about the limit for keeping the scrolling reasonably smooth – maybe. Maybe 3px is enough for all characters, and Guy and Cody can just attack faster. I'll do some tests.

Re. the demo loop I was thinking the same. I've never tried that but I have some idea how it could work. The title screen/ other screens were a very late development, along with the goons emerging through doors. I tried to get them looking good – but yeah, there's got to be some room for improvement there. Any quick suggestions? I was hung up as to how bright they should be before emerging. There is just 1 colour changing – I might be able to free up another. The final frame is the emerged goon.
The aspect ratio is going to be tricky to improve. I played with the bitmap fetchmode and adjusting the display but this seemed for now to be the best compromise – and isn't even the fastest fetchmode.
Without copper tricks I need the 8 sprites – or lose the far background. I'm going to look more into that (a pleasant deviation from the other slog; maybe) so there's still hope, but I can't harp on it.

The sound is scratchy – I used Goldwave to reduce the arcade samples to the lowest I could get them – just to save memory. There may be room for improvement later on, but I still reckon they sound better than the poor Megadrive, which seems to struggle with samples.

But I guess you still had no luck running it on your 060?
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