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Originally Posted by RCK View Post
32 seconds for /showthread.php?p=917356 ?!
It's not possible, no way my server take that time to generate a showthread page.
Moreover, you can't reproduce it with firefox and nobody here have the problem.

One last idea, please try to disable all the IE10 extension in "Tools > Manage addons", and try to reset IE settings into "Tools > Options > Advanced > Reset IE parameters"
I disabled all the add ons including the ones that happen to not be loaded at the time. I reset IE back to default. I then rebooted the computer and it still does it.

It doesn't do it all the time. Generally it appears that once I get past a delay I can move around the board normally for what seems like minute or two, then it will hang again when I click a link or the back button. It also appears that the length of the delay varies depending on when I click a link. It's like there's something going on in your server on a regular time schedule and if I click a link during this time it hangs until it's done. I also noticed that once in awhile I'll click a link and it will show busy for the normal amount of time (0.5 sec or so) and then do nothing. If I click the link again it hangs for along time (1 minute or so). I think I'm clicking right at the very beginning or just before the delay is due to start.

It seems to me that if the problem is at my end it would hang every time I clicked on a link, but it doesn't, it's only during the minute intervals that occur every couple of minutes. Now obviously there's something different with IE10, IE8 and firefox work just fine. MS apparently made some changes that's making your server unhappy, but I'm not having any problems with any other web sites. I'm at a lose.
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