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A great deal of the abandonware that those geeks drool over was in fact the poorest version of said game that was released. Explain to me why a retrogamer would prefer to play/emulate a CGA version of a game with IBM beeper sounds and no joystcik support, plus the need to run a slowdown patch...when a far superior 16-bit version with killer stereo sound, shiny graphics, etc. exists?
Following the same logic, we'd have to stop talking about almost every game released in the 90s, because why play Lucas Arts adventures with 32 colours for example when there are 256 colour - VGA versions? Why play The Settlers on the Amiga when the PC version has a higher resolution? I, too, can't see any 'beauty' in CGA games, but I am aware I didn't grow up with them. Others did, so this is the 'real' version of the specific game to them.
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