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Hello everybody, alow me to introduce myself.

My name is Dave de Sade and I'm huge fan of Amiga and games in general. Most of my hobbies are centered about computer games for all platforms, new ones, old ones, but I prefer classic games and Amiga is one of most important gaming platform of my life. I'm playing game since 1986, but it's not only gaming - I'm also studying game design, analyse the impact of games, resulting long articles for my personal blog - but only in czech language obviously.

I was never a good programmer, so my works were concentraing to easy to develop text based games, I tried to figure out new and original ways, how game can communicate with player.

Every year I'm organising Amiga game parties at my hometown and as it's already five or six years, I can see enthusiasm of fellow amigans. Last party (June 2013) was dedicated to one of the greatest games of all time - Hired Guns. After finishing game in four players, the question was - what's next on the list to play?

Therefore I have decided to create brand new game. I have met MarK, our main programmer, who find my idea for new 4 player game interesting and in very short time, he provided first version of the engine.

Game was officialy presented on Bytefest 2013 - two weeks ago.

Today we have working graphic engine, currently we are implementing objects, weapons, inventory and enemies. Based on that I will start to create detailed maps and dungeons (I have rough ideas on paper). Lot of graphic has to be painted as well - we are looking for help in this area.

Concept arts are done by Tomáš Čech: - and yes, he is professional artist. Generaly speaking - there are no amateurs in our team, but we work in our spare time only .
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