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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Do I have to include an Amiga workbench tutorial with all products?
Yes please? Preferably, a step by step, explaining everything in terms even the dumbest user can understand. (Yupp, thats me.) Preferably you should make a printable version, as well as multiple video formats, at least one downloadable, and playable on "most" smartphones. (If you mess up, and the format doesn't work on some phone we will bitch and moan about it to.)

And the sad thing is that i'm only half kidding. Managed to finaly get around to... Uh. Well, thats the thing. Do something, i guess. Hey, on the upside. I got PERFECT image on the TV. The boot logo has never been so pretty. A little jagged on the diagonals, but damn, the colors are wonderful, and it fills 99% of the screen. But no matter what i do, i cant figure out how to get image when it loads the workbench. I can tell from the PC monitor that it changes screen mode, to what ever is default with "Classic Workbench ADVSP" , i'm guessing 640x512 something. But thats based on "Multisync / Interlaced 640x512 display" from the target system text. I wouldn't even know how to check, much less change it.

Now... Can someone hold my hand, and offer some help here? I'd gladly take it to a different thread, or to PM's, as i do realize it doesn't really belong in this thread.
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