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well, there is something the CPS1 has in hardware that the amiga could have troubles to deal with : animation speed can be set via soft to the hardware (the neogeo has the same feature).

i'm not on final fight, but i am actually cutting to bits a coin-op game called Two Crude / Crude Buster. The program rom is 512kb, and it's made of TXT parts (normal), TBL (Table) parts, Programs parts (Yeah!, in fact those are very small, and they are moving tiles, uploading sprites lists in 68k asm!), and Data parts (where all the wanted sprites data refs are stored, as well as the level maps!).

I can do the same for final fight arcade, meaning we could get sprites datas (meaning be possible to rebuild all the sprite images for 1 bad guy, and also the collision and the AI... sort of).

More the time is passing by, the more i think that these arcade games were coded on the computer where they also had the graphics on screen, and from there, creating the little programs one can find in the program rom. It's impossible as it is to understand exactly where on the screen and what the routines are moving (from the addresses, you can say it's a sprite, playfield 1, playfield 2, playfield 3, Rowscroll, Tilegen1 or Tilegen2.....
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