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Originally Posted by Harkinian View Post
Hey guys! I've been using cutscenes from the "Town with No Name" (a commodore amiga game) for a video project, and, being a member of a video editing group, I would really like to rip the animations themselves from the game, sort of like whats been done with several cd-i games (think hotel mario, or faces of evil). Is there any way to do this? And if so, what program can I use to rip the animations from the game's extracted files? Lastly, is it possible to rip them without the backgrounds, ie, transparent? Thanks in advance!

Edit: I have tried programs such as gfxripper, but they don't seem to work for me. I need to use something similar to the CD-i image decoder software.
Have you considered using the recording functions built into WinUAE?
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