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Originally Posted by heavy View Post
about Silkcut, with the final version

so, yes the last time I started it with 68040/2 Mb chip, 8 Mb fast, 32 Mb zfast config, that was in 2006
I retested it with last versions (2.5.1, 2.6.1,2.7 b6,7,8,9) and I got a "out of memory - can't allocate 10244 bytes" at the end of the "mountains" part, even with more than 32 mb.
wrong config or ?
It is bug in demo, something corrupts memory somewhere if timing is not what demo expects (or something like that), I don't really about newer demos, 2000+ or so. (EDIT: I mean new demos that are not for basic unexpended Amigas)

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