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There was more to the article but I didnt bother to cut and paste it from alt.c64 newsgroup.

I just cut down to the part about the largest buyers coming from Peurto Rico, Panama and Brazil.

Makes me wonder how people in those countries can afford inflated prices on C64 software + International shipping prices?

Also what do you guys think of the 3000 user amiga market quote?

I wonder how much money he intends to squeeze to pay himself for 8-10 hrs of full time work a day plus whatever the loan cost the guy (funny he couldnt even come up with a few thousand cash for a down payment).

I think there will be a nice Centsible going out of buisiness sale on EBAY before the end of this year. Since the economy has taken a dump in the US the prices people have paid for retro equipment is going down not up. The previous owner must think so too and decided to unload it while he could.
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