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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Alpha and Omega (Demo) by Pure Metal Coders

Some glitches on lower screen part?! Does it happens also on a real A500?

EDIT: Probably not so important, but it works fine in WinUAE2010 (2009-12-23) version! (@heavy - thanks for info!)
"MoreNewStuffy / PlasmaForce" update was not completely correct.

Writing to BPLxPTL when same bitplane is fetched in next cycle works differently if it is cycle that adds modulos vs normal non-modulo cycle. (MoreNewStuffy was non-modulo case, this one is modulo case)


works with an old winuae version
Never say something like that here! Only acceptable way: Same image (CRC confirmed) does work with vx.y/it broke in vz.zz.
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