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Similar and awesome results can be archeved by using RetroArch with it's cores: RetroArch is NOT only a menu for emulator but a complete I/O API aiming at lagless and smooth screen updates. It *already* does this: it forces the emulators to run at the monitor's physical refresh rate.
Use RetroArch on a Linux system WITHOUT X11, use it's EGL/GLES backend, and you'll get perfectly lagless emulation. Vsync's associated lag won't show up as you have the emulated system synced to monitor refresh rate, and the video buffer is "fenced".
It works on Intel chips with perfect results and even a lowly Raspberry Pi is able to provide NES, Master System, PC-Engine and MegaDrive & MegaCD smooth emulation thanks to this.

Nvidia, **** you and your propietary scum.
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