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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
this demo is really awesome, but turrican3, the demo won't work for many people because you forgot to include the siesta font (not present inside the archive).

once done it works it's not a code bug !

About the arcade AI, in fact it's an hardware driven AI. Since it's a tile game, all the tiles have their positions (x and y), values (collision or not), and the program is actually refreshing the tile via the VRAM on this system.

One way to replicate the AI would be to find the script inside the ASM source code of the original arcade machine (i have started a while ago to ressource it hehe).
for those who know Gens Kmod on megadrive, it allows to see what the video display processor is doing. If the same thing could be done for the CPS1 system, it would allow to find where is the AI for each sprite, and then by checking the VDP hardware registers, just understanding how the hardware engine is giving life to the mad gear gang

as lielo is using amos, and running a sort a "script parser" engine for FF AGA, the original is also a sort of parser. i think that to do this sort of game, and do it right, this is the way to go. Because it allows tweaking

i congratulate you lielo for this beginning of code, it's way beyond the FF we got for ECS machines and also Turrican3
thank you for your comments and your help.
I think leilo did an amazing job with the code, good skill.
Once again, thank you leilo.
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