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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
That looks pretty bad ass!
The main criticism is that the enemies don't react in the same way as the original.
I got to the end of the first level and the brown guy just never dies, I suppose this is on purpose on your part?

Keep up the great work
A valid criticism. It's obviously near impossible to replicate the arcade AI 1:1, we're largely looking at creating a game based on the original and taking some artistic license when it comes to it all including gameplay.
Currently the energy levels for the last 2 characters in stage 1 are higher than the arcade, this is actually a by product of testing and may need some tweaking.
One of the brown suited goons with the Elvis sideburns (Slash) will sometimes block – but can still be thrown when blocking. The acrobatic goon (Hollywood) is missing his knife throw and has a weird 'Dim Mak nerve chi technique' where he just rushes at you and knocks you down – a bug!
But both can be beaten – and the pipe is unblockable if you can keep it until then.

The difficulty level is quite high which is purposeful, it's basically the engine throwing all it can at you to bring you down, as cheaply as possible.
I think for the short demo the difficulty level is just about right but there remains to be done a lot of balancing and some re-structuring of the sub-systems that connect the frames – and change the way that some of the interactions work. So feedback is vital in getting it together and your comments are much appreciated!
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