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Floppy disk Reading Ami-format zip disk

Hello all!

Now I can't be the only one with this problem: I used to use (well, still do) a zip drive, connected via a lovely squirrel adapter, as my A1200's hard drive. What I want now, of course, is to get the contents of that disk onto my (Win9x) PC without having to laboriously transfer it, 720k by 720k, via floppies and CrossDOS.

Does anybody know a way to read Ami-formated zip disks on a PC? I wouldn't know where to start with ADFLib and C++ (or even if ADFLib would help!) so I'm really looking for an existing utility that will access the zip disk as-is, when inserted into my PC's zip drive.

Any suggestions much appreciated!

EDIT: Sorry, should have clarified -- I'm using UAE and would be particularly interested to know if there's any way to mount an Ami-formated zip drive/disk as a directory for use by the emulator too. WinUAE currently doesn't see the drive when it has an ami-zipdisk inserted. *PAIN*
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