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Originally Posted by arti040 View Post
i've found a time to play a little with AmiWolf and here is my feedback - short answer - it still doesn't work ;-) Longer version:

- system i use - ClassicWb 3.1 and ClassicWb 3.9;
- i use the latest ECS port from Aminet, but those 1-2 versions back give the same effect;
- tested on few accelerators (ACA020 [no fpu], Blizzard 4030 [no fpu], CSPPC+060);
- in every case i've tried to run a game with and without Startup-sequence;
- systems on 030 and 060 have HSMathlibs and CMQ installed;
- all systems have kickstart 3.1 remapped to Fast RAM;
- i've used demo version of Wolf3D as well as the full one;
- in demo version i had to rename all *.WL1 files to *.WL6 to make it run;

- game has graphic glitches on every screen and they change every time any key is pressed or option is selected - see screenshots;
- game runs but it is very unstable;
- game is quite playable on ACA620/16Mhz ;-)
the readme file states that it works only with the retail version and not the demo version....

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