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D-Generation v1.05 (1992-06-15)(Mindscape)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr FLT][t +10 LGD] - 7161ead2

Note to the doofus who compiled this specific disk back then: when adding a trainer to a FLT crack, next time make sure the actual executable from that crack is used. What a maroon!

Did some exe comparisons between all the cracks of this game, and this one matched 1:1 with LGD's trained release of the NMS crack. The problem?

NMS set it up so that you needed to run their cracktro to ensure the copylock key is copied to $C0 in memory. And the reason for this is their hardwire is set up to do the following:
move.l c0.s,d0
bra.b (44)
Couldn't keep things simple with a direct key feed like FLT, tut tut.

The above listed disk - as you can imagine - does not even include this cracktro on the disk, replacing it with FLT's own program (and even then the startup-sequence doesn't actually load it!). FLT opted not to do the sneaky shit NMS did. But the hardwire in the copylock is NMS's. Still with me?

Bottom line: no copylock key is given to the game when needed. The game therefore will end after you escape the first floor. So much for that carefully implemented trainer, eh chaps?
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