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Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
What compression and disk format did they use in the earlier Putty games? If you were to have 3 disks of uncompressed data in AmigaDOS format, then I can see how you can get close to squeezing all of that onto a single disk if you tailor the compression and use something more clever than MFM encoding with a higher linear density.
You're giving them a get out clause they will never be able to use. System 3 didn't have the skills to do their own custom MFM format, all of their games were externally developed except Tusker, and that wasn't their disk format on that either.

Its all irrelevant, System 3 is not releasing this game on floppy for Amiga owners, I have little to no hope it will be released as a digital download ( the most sensible and cost effective way of releasing it ) for Amiga owners, the time to release it was 1994 when Amiga was still relevant.

If it was available for download, either myself or Stingray would be knocked up to crack it for release, its 'sales' would be pathetic.
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