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Peter Leyland
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I think its going to be easier to do away with the cdrom and squirrel and just network my pc with the amiga. To be honest I don't know why the hell I even decided to dig all my old amiga stuff up and blow the dust off it. I suppose its because they bring back some good old nostalgia, the good old miggy kept me out of the pub many a night....I remember 'Gods' and I was hooked on it but the infinite lives 'Never' worked on it, I would love to be able to finish that game with a cheat, and many more of course.
I will have to find the best and easiest method of networking.

I have got that QNX 6.1.0 OS for the Amiga (Amithlon) I've been having a mess about with that, I find it a very attractive desktop and icons, I just aint got round to sussing it all out yet.
If anyone wants a copy they are very welcome if they care to travel up near St. Helens for it. Yours for free.

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