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Originally posted by Djay
ermm... i've got my mansion.. have done a couple of tommy's missions... have bought Ice Cream Factory, ShipYard, Poleposition and the all make a profit for me.... got about 70k in the bank... i have played it for that long... i've not stuck to the main missions.. i've done a lot of the extras

ITS a GREAT game
Yeah it is, i haven't progressed that far !!! I am into FIFA 2003 at the moment and trying to get through The Getaway.

I was never into the FIFA series before but they have made some real improvments to the game and it looks fantastic, all the licenses and everything.

I might try to get back into GTA though cause it is worth trying to complete it. I think I got stock on one of the missions though which is why I stopped playing it for a while.
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