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Unreleased CD32 games

With the tread about the long awaited Putty Squad, I was thinking about some games that have been developped for the CD32 and were almost finished.

I was reading some previews of Novastorm/Scavenger IV, MegaRace and Lost Eden, and it seems that those games were almost completed before being eventually shelved.

Also, I remember Philippe Ulrich from Cryo saying that Dune CD32 was almost finished and due to be released in september 1994 in an interview in a french magazine in may of the very same year, after the demise of C=. Guess the game was pretty much finished if the chairman of Cryo was still expecting a release 4 month before.

My question is, is there anyone who tried to contact the formers developpers to see if there is a way to finally release a version of these games ? Can find nothing on the Internet about it.

Since Psygnosis, Mindscape, Virgin Games and Cryo doesn't exist anymore, maybe there could be a way to contact formers devs to see if there is any thing left of those games or if they are lost for ever in the data cementery.

You can see in those preview that there was CD32 screenshot, not PC like in the many Magic Carpet previews.
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