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Originally Posted by RCK View Post
Well, I don't have any code designed to slow down IE10
However, to determined it it's IE10 fault or something else on you installation, could you unzip this Firefox ESR Portable on your computer ?
This will let you test EAB with something else than IE10, and then tell me if you see the same "lag" with Firefox.

If other user are using IE10 with success, please report
I tried FireFox and it works just fine, no lags. When I came in to read your reply with IE I got lagged a couple of times. Right now I'm using FireFox to write this reply, and earlier I read several posts and even wrote a message in another area, no problems at all.

Do you have any ideas? I even went to with IE10 and it seemed to work fine, no delays. I've had no problems at all with any of the many web sites that I've gone to.

I was thinking that maybe IE was not sending everything the board is expecting and therefore it's waiting. The problem with that theory is once the delay is over I can click and move around the board normally for about a minutes and then it delays for about a minute. Sometimes I get lucking and the delay is almost over and I only have to wait a few seconds when I click on something.

It's like the board is doing a high priority job every couple of minutes for a minute. Is there some kind of priority setting that IE is maybe not setting correctly? I was going to ask if my user priority on the board is set real low, but then I should have the same problem with Firefox.
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