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Hi Amigaphile, and welcome back to the Amiga world.

Originally Posted by Amigaphile View Post
I've been away in the Linux desert for a few years, and I've gotten tired of its many inconsistencies and user-unfriendlinesses; so now I've gotten my AmigaOne XE/G4 working again, and I'm poring over the various support resources out on the internet.
Here's a good place to start:
Unfortunately, the old news archive, which would have given you an interesting read, appears to have been removed, but there's a whole load of OS 4.x and AmigaOne info accessible via the menus.

Originally Posted by Amigaphile View Post
Right now I'm wrestling with MediaToolBox, trying to figure out which filesystem to use and such exoterica as the maxtransfer and mask values. (What fun!)
Well really, if you've been wrestling with the many inconsistencies and user-unfriendlinesses of Linux for the lsast few years, then maxtransfer and mask values should be a breeze.
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