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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
It does not happen on real A500. Probably the usual some instruction still being wrong, too time consuming to find without some really simple test cases.
Is it so hard/difficult to isolate that "some instruction" or reduce amount of possible affected instructions by using some debugger until the problem appears on screen?!

p.s. Intro file is long only 150kb, and probably huge amount of that goes to its logo gfx & music ... so what test case could be simpler than that, really?!

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
A500 confirmed. I assume this demo was made for faster Amigas. Vector "X" part at the beginning runs too slowly for being (good) A500 demo.
Correct, it works fine on an A1200 WinUAE config ... so probably its not being made for an A500 then.

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
It creates invalid refresh rates to simulate TV losing sync when it switches screens (rotates vertically = old CRTs, blanks the display on LCDs..)

-> invalid refresh rate -> result is undefined -> emulation is fine
Well, how emulation could be fine if doesnt emulate/simulate the same behaving of what is happening on old CRT or LCD?!
At least, the music is not affected on a real A500 by this problem!

EDIT: Just thinking ... is it possible that emu detect "invalid refresh rate" change and then blanks the display like LCD does and leave the refresh rate unchanged (on value before trying it to change)?! Thus the screen will be blank but the music will continue to play w/o problem?!

p.s. After searching hundreds of demos for any problem yesterday and today (what is also huge time consuming), I hoped that was finally found "something", but is seems to be only a false alarm.

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