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I'm not sure about games in general, but I definately spend more time on EAB talking about the Amiga than I spend playing games on it. I would say though I probably am bored of games, I have a large choice of games to play but at the moment I just can't be bothered. The only game I am playing on my PC recently is a demo of Carmageddon 2 (and I just bought the full version from eBay ). But I on't talk about PC games much either.
I mostly play Amiga games for a quick half-hour fix of fun, like a Euro Cup on Sensible Soccer(92/93) or a blast through some levels of Ruff n Tumble. The only game I really want to play is Final Fantasy 7 but a mate of mine has my Disc 1 and I haven't seen him to get it back .
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