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Thank for the great work of keeping this up. However I've been having problems with delays. I've been using this board for many years and I've had no problems, in fact it generally out performs most other web sites. For the last three weeks or so I've been experiencing thirty second or more delays about every minute or so. It started the day I bought a new computer with W7 and IE10, but I've had no problems with any other web sites. During the delays my DSL modems shows no data coming in, and then all of a sudden it comes blasting in, and then I can use the board normally for about a minutes and then it delays again.

The delays happen the whole time I'm logged on, even logging off I sometimes get the delay. It's been so bad that I've been opening another tab on IE during the delays and visiting other web sites until IE shows it's not waiting any more, and then continue on until the next delay. It's not a matter of slowness, the board just flat out stops and it doesn't seem to matter what time of day either.

Quick update. While trying to Preview this Post I had to log in again, it delayed for about a minutes before I was logged in again and could right this quick update.

Can you tell me what could be causing this problem?

Thank you
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