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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Well, interesting is if I press F12 and change Chipset from OCS to ECS (or ECS to OCS) and reset, then everything works fine.

In attachment are WinUAE configs that produce such problem on my PC.

EDIT: Could be this: If the disk is inserted after WB hand is shown it will happen ... if the disk is attached before starting the emu it will run fine?!

EDIT2: Yes, can confirm it now ... after tested it several times it happens exact what is mentioned on EDIT above (at least on my laptop PC).

p.s. Would be nice to see if the same happens also on a real A500 according to EDIT above.
It looks like it is demo bug (uninitialized variable or something), I tried it few times on my A500 quickly and sometimes (didn't really check more carefully if it depends on disk insertion or ocs/ecs), when circles are located at the very bottom of screen, it can have missing bottom part.

EDIT: probable "cause" is emulation always being exact same if booted with disk in drive (and config is same), but it is never same on real hardware due to outside variables like floppy head position etc.. (as I explained some time ago).

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