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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
Both terms lack definition on platforms without a hardware synth, so both would be misnomers and no chipmusic at all would exist on platforms like Amiga and various modern consoles
To me, and I am one of the few oldschool Quijotes on this train, it is exactly this way. Specially since in this case, as you can clearly see, someone is confused and has asked for "music created with the Amiga's sound synthesizer", which doesn't exist. Basically this is, to me, the rule to follow:

In any case the term is a cause of much unnecessary debate, but here there's a clear example where some proper definitions would help. OP: tere's no such thing as "Amiga hardware synth music" because the Amiga has no such thing. If you want "Amiga software synth music", there's plenty f stuff to look for.
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