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However, there are a few problems, like these:

The harddrives should be replaced, as they have some read/write-errors.
The keyboard lacks the ESC-button, and has some problems with the contact between the keys and the circuit-board underneath the keys.
The hard-drive bracket is partly defective.
hmmm, duff harddrives...

you basically have 3 choices,

1 if the read/write areas are grouped together just partition around them.

2 replace them with a scsi drive

3 put a large ide drive in it

as for the keyboard, usually just totally stripping it down and cleaning it will cure the contact problems, the ESC key can be replaced if it's just a missing keytop, or get a pc keyboard adaptor...

The harddrive bracket is easy, it's only a rectangle of metal with the top edge bent over and a couple of holes drilled in it, easy enough to make one...

as for a price, I wouldn't pay over £200(uk) for it...
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