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For those who don't have access to this month's Retro Gamer, this is (what I consider) the pertinent question to Mark Cale and his reply:

'Q. Will there be an option to play the original Amiga version within it? [the 'new' Putty Squad]
A. As much as I'd like to say yes, I can't. Because I can do one better; we're going to release the Amiga version as part of the limited collectors edition. Better than just a download code, it's actually the original and fully complete Amiga version, and it's on 3.5" floppy disk. I can't wait to see people playing this at retro shows across the country, and I'm getting my Amiga out as soon as the disks come back from the manufacturer!'

So there you have it (according to RG).
Personally, I am with Akira, Codetapper and others of the opinion that I'll believe it when I actually SEE IT, and not before, but I thought it would be good if the EAB community saw the RG quote for themselves.
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