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The Sacred Armour Of
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Neither on the Atari ST. It wasnt released on any 16bit platform AFAIK

Would have made a great game too, although chances are it would have been done on the St first and ported to the Amiga

It did go on any and every 8bit platform around tho.

As "The Sacred Armour of Antiriad" it was released on the Amstrad CPC (my fave), Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum and the obscure Enterprise 64 (an unofficial Speccy port).

It was renamed Rad Warrior for the US market and ported to
the CoCo3, Apple IIe, the Commodore 64 (again) and even the PC (in ghastly CGA colours). I have copies of them all if youre interested spoUP, lemme know and ill put em in the Zone.

I wonder if there was a MSX version tho? Shatterhand? Fissuras? Would have been more likely to be under the name Rad Warrior.
Would have been great if there was - what with the MSX's hardware.
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