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We are happy to announce the release of new full and update archives of Real AmiKit v0.4 beta.

Free download available at:

New features include more applications and a better WB2000 taskbar with four options how to install it: Full, Half, Lite and Light, so you can select the best option for your system (graphics vs speed). You will find new icons, patterns, and NetSurfAGA Beta. New wallpapers were added as well. We are introducing new custom made Magellan menu bar.

New MorpheuZ option called "Preferences" allows you to choose from different configurations of Workbench2000 and TinyMeter or lets you install eg. 060 CPU library. It is advised to run MorpheuZ right after the installation of full archive so you adjust the options according to your taste. If you plan to update your previous AmiKit installation, those options can be set during the update process.

Thanks a lot to Thomas Richter for the MMULib, Michael Sinz for Enforcer, PeterK for his icon.library, Gibs for AmigaParachute and Arti for his NetSurfAGA conversion. Also thanks to Novacoder for his help on this last, Thomas like always, and to James for his great tips betatesting it.

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